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What kind of deployment options are available?

Default option is deployment on ERS Cloud. On premises and third party cloud like AWS cloud options are also available.

What is the licensing model?

Pricing for development and hosting on our cloud is available on our website. For on premises and third party cloud hosting please contact our sales team.

Do I get a database out of the box?

Every account gets an SQL Server DB created by default at no additional charge. We will support other databases subsequently. For on premises and third party cloud hosting DB has to be provided by the customer.

How long is my free account valid?

There is no time limit on free account, however the application model developed will get flushed every 45 days.

How do I get support?

Email support available for all users. Phone and Premium support available for paying customers.

Where can I access help?

Extensive help documentation is available on the website. Videos and tutorials will be added soon

Is there a learning curve in using the platform?

Learning curve for platform usage is minimal. Our documentation should help you get going. We also offer Training and low cost development services that can be used to shrink wrap the initial development.

What kind of payment options are available?

You can pay by check or wire transfer against invoice. We will be enabling the payment gateway shortly?

How will you ensure business continuity?

We provide source code and platform escrow at additional cost as needed.