App Gallery

App gallery consists of pre built apps built on Appnip and each of them supporting functionality of a specific app like ERP, SCM, CRM, LMS. The apps can be used for reference, to jump start development and also as technology demonstrators for Business Rules, Business Processes, Business Analytics, Artificial Intelligence, Machine learning, Work flows, API integration, Drag Drop UI patterns.

Order Manager

The Order Manager App allows ordering of Sand Stone products. The user can place single, bulk or special orders as needed. The user can then source the orders to different suppliers and finally track the fulfillment by auto assigning the dispatches to POs


School ERP

The School ERP App allows a school to manage students, teachers, subjects details. The user can create timetables and view them in multiple forms. The user can also enter student marks using a spreadsheet like interface and print report cards.


Time Tracker

The Time Tracker app allows the users to create a projects, modules, tasks and allow team members to track their daily hours against the allotted tasks. The app also provided a vareity of analytical reports. Users can also create their own custom reports.


Document Builder

The Document builder app can be used by users to create Help and Tutorial docs for their products and applications. The app allows for Indexing and Search on the docs created. The rich text editor used in the app allows for a variety of conent to be used.